Holding Out For Prince Charming

You see the beautiful pictures on social media. You drive down the highway and see a billboard for an upcoming bridal show. You see the “Say Yes to The Dress” show and get excited when the bride-to-be gets her gorgeous new gown. You’ve been in countless weddings and even caught the bouquet that you desperately tried to catch. If you’re longing for a husband, you may immediately feel lonely and left behind. Maybe you’re wondering why your prince hasn’t arrived to sweep you off your feet like you imagined would have already happened by now.

Most of my high school and college friends are engaged, married, or having kids. I’m twenty-four and still feel so young! I feel like I’m just now starting to understand what “adulting” really means. I got over the hump of the teenage years and am into the fun and exciting times of the twenty-somethings, but with larger responsibilities. (Yay!) There are those days, however, when I ask myself how my life would be different if I had a husband. If you feel called to the married life, God definitely has someone out there for you, but hasn’t introduced you to him yet. And he most certainly has done so for a reason. But sometimes I wonder, “God, do you have someone out there for me, too?”

Something I have been doing for several years now is a Dear Husband Diary. The diary is a gateway for my heart to pour into my future husband. It’s something that I would love for him to read one day. It’s for me to share my personal feelings and desires for him, even though I haven’t met him yet, which makes it so much more special. It does still have a “list,” but it’s now refined details about his heart. This is a book that I would give my daughter one day as a guide for protecting her heart and preparing herself for her future husband. Every time I write, I pray over my words and ask God to bless whomever He has planned for me. But even if He doesn’t send someone into my life, I am willing to serve Him as a single woman.

Focus on praying for your future someone instead of being discouraged about why he hasn’t shown up yet. Turn your thoughts toward the Father who has your best interests in mind, but has something beyond wonderful waiting for you in His own timing. Be specific in your prayer and ask God to help you make decisions in your dating life whether it exists right now or not. You can begin your life as a successful wife right now by praying for his endeavors, his heart, and patience as he waits for you too. The Lord knows the desires of your heart. Are you seeking God first before you are seeking after your desired spouse? There is someone out there longing for you, just as much as you are longing for him.

While you are holding out for your Prince Charming, you need to pray for the desire to know Christ rather than long for any other human being. No matter how handsome, charming, wealthy, or godly Prince Charming may appear to be, he will NEVER measure up to the love and beauty of Jesus Christ.

And don’t wait for your life to begin, it has already begun! As a single woman, you have opportunities right in the palm of your hand. Use your life to build up fellow believers in Christ, to share the gospel with others who don’t know Him, and be active in God’s Word. Enjoy your life, be content with who you are. Hold out for your Prince Charming, and don’t EVER settle for someone who is not worthy to be your prince.

“He has made everything beautiful in its time” – Ecclesiastes 3:11.



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