What Your Coffee Says About Your Personality

Coffee is good for you. But did you know that your relationship with coffee is based on the type of person you are? Dr. Gary L. Wenk writes in Psychology Today, “Coffee makes us feel good because it is able to tap into virtually every reward system our brain has evolved.” So there is a connection between our mind and coffee preferences?! Who would have known?! There are several different coffee types: The Espresso Extraordinaire, The Latte Lover, The Classy Cappuccino, The Frappucchino Aficionado and The Regular Coffee Guru.

After some research from the Coffee Tasting Club and LittleThings.com, there is some evidence that supports what you drink is in relation to who you are as a person. Do you like plain, black coffee? You may be a straight-laced office worker with a “World’s Greatest Boss” mug on your desk. Like frappuccinos? Chances are, you are always going somewhere in stylish outfits. So which one are you?

1. The Espresso Extraordinaire – Hardworking, leader, always on the go

The Espresso Extraordinaire is a natural born leader. You work hard but also play hard. There is no time in the day for slacking, as there is so much to do. You are straightforward, love coffee, and your morning shot of espresso is what keeps you going strong all day long, seven days a week.

2. The Latte Lover – Comfort seeker, laid back, reflective

This personality type adds milk and sugar to their coffee, adding sweetness to the bitter, cruel world. You may have trouble making decisions, as the Starbucks menu just has so many options and you overanalyze the syrup flavors, the milk choices, the toppings and even the size. You like comfort, and your morning latte is just something that makes life so much sweeter!

3. The Classy Cappuccino  – Sociable, creative, optimistic

You are sophisticated and classic. Your style is polished, and unlike your friends, you aren’t one to make crass jokes. You are very creative and a great friend to others. The cappuccino is one of the classiest beverages in the world, so this reveals just how classy you are (or desire to be).

4. The Frappucchino Aficionado – Fashionable, outside the cultural mainstream

This person drinks the most expensive, rarest, most unique flavors on the menu. You have a recipe from “The Secret Menu” or even came up with one on your own. You are adventurous, spontaneous, and live in the moment, rather than plan every detail of your day. You’re a happy person and fun to be around. Your naturally high energy doesn’t need the caffeine, but it satisfies your craving for something sweet!

5. Iced Coffee Captain – Assertive, confident

If you’re a iced coffee drinker, you are probably an assertive individual. You are a natural leader and your take-charge attitude has no time for drama or pettiness. You are confident in expressing your opinions and are drawn to your iced coffee all year round.

6. The Regular Coffee Guru – Headstrong, straightforward, minimalist

If you like plain black coffee, you lead a minimalistic lifestyle. You don’t wear splashy clothes or gaudy jewelry. Your straightforward approach applies to your overall lifestyle. You may be quiet, but your black coffee helps you take your day from chaos to nonsense.

7. The Regular Coffee Guru + Cream and Sugar – Organized, logical and creative

This person has a dual personality. Sometimes an organized and thoughtful planner, you are also creative but can get a little messy. You find yourself trying to balance both the logical and creative sides of your brain. You enjoy the taste of coffee and the sweetness of sugar. You like to feel productive and have fun while doing it!

So which coffee person are you? Leave a comment below to share your results.

(References: LittleThings.com, Psychology Today, and Coffee Tasting Club)


5 thoughts on “What Your Coffee Says About Your Personality

  1. morganmabelle says:

    Yay, I’m the Classy Cappuccino! I came across your blog via your LinkedIn post and I’m so glad I did. You have some great topics and your posts are truly enjoyable to read.

    Liked by 1 person

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