20 Things to Do When You’re Stuck at Home

As you may be aware, Hurricane Harvey has kept many Texans hunkered at home.  So as I write this, I’m listening to the rain pour outside, trying to find ways to be productive since I am unable to leave my house. You may be in a similar situation, wondering, what can I do to prevent cabin fever?

I have had several friends post on social media that they are bored, and have severe cabin fever. I’m here to tell you to be thankful that you have a “cabin” and you have not lost everything due to the disastrous weather. (I’ll be posting ways you can help your community when they become available.)

Here are some things to do while you are stuck indoors and can fight off your boredom. Hopefully, you still have power and you’re able to do some of the below things that may require electricity.

1. Catch up on your work.

2. Read the book you’ve neglected to pick up.

3. Clean your house.

4. Wash your clothes.

5. Organize your closet.

6. Catch up on Netflix.

7. Unsubscribe to emails.

8. Gather materials/supplies you can donate to a disaster relief shelter.

9. Learn a new language.

10. Knit, or learn how to knit.

11. Monitor the Hurricane Harvey 2017 Facebook group and offer to pitch in to help if you are available and can safely contribute.

12. Do a craft.

13. Write a story.

14. Start a blog/vlog.

15. Bake some food (and later give to people who need it).

16. Text/call your friends/family and find out how they are doing.

17. Sketch what you see outside.

18. Give your dog a bath.

19. Gather supplies ahead of time in case you need to evacuate.

20. Watch the news and have notifications set up on your device.

#HurricaneHarvey will make us stronger. If you know of ways to help your community, please leave a comment below.


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