How to Fight Writer’s Block

You have a great idea and you want to share it. Maybe you had a really good dream and decide it needs to be a book so others can enjoy it. So you pour yourself a cup of coffee and sit down to write. You start to get somewhere and then get stuck. You want to say something but don’t know how to say it. Maybe you don’t know what happens next, and you panic. You stare at your computer screen fumbling around with words until you decide to do something different with your time. Sound familiar? This is writer’s block.

The thing with writer’s block is that it CAN be beaten. Once you have an idea, you need to sit down and write it out in its entirety before going back and editing. This is what messes a lot of writers up. You decide to go ahead and critique and edit your writing before it’s taken off. You squash the idea before it’s even learned to fly.

I am currently in the process of writing three books. I have very detailed notes and know where the stories are going. I often have dreams about each book, and can see the characters very clearly. This is how you know you have reached a new level of writing: you have dreams about your stories and what happens in them. If you can vividly see your characters, chances are, your readers will too.

Are you afraid of writing but still want to be brave and conquer your fear? Well, writers are driven by fear.

  • The fear of being proven wrong,
  • The fear of looking stupid,
  • The fear of being rejected,
  • The fear of not being original,
  • And the fear of…[insert your biggest fear].

Whatever motivates or inspires you, write it down. Decorate your writing cubicle with quotes and song lyrics. Tap into what you are curious about and write about it. Keep a journal on your nightstand and write it in every morning before your feet hit the floor. If you are truly passionate about writing, set aside time to dedicate yourself to your work.

Writer’s block can be beaten by working hard and staying inspired by the world around you.



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