10 Things I Can’t Leave Home Without

Besides the essential wallet, keys and phone, here are 10 Things you’ll probably see me hauling around in my massive tote.

1. A notebook 

In addition to having a million pens in the front pocket of my bag, I sometimes carry a small notepad for random thoughts, daily quotes, or something inspiring I may come up with or see throughout the day. In our technology-driven world, it’s nice to be able to still hand write some things that may be important to me in days or weeks to come.

2. Magazines

Entertainment Weekly, AdWeek, and Marketing News are pretty much always in my hand, at my desk, in my car, or in my tote. Whenever I’m waiting on something or someone, I’ll either read an e-book on my phone or read an article in my magazine. It helps me keep my mind engaged and fight boredom.

3. Snacks

I like to carry extra granola bars, protein bars, some fruit, or something small to snack on in case I don’t have access to food, or need a pick-me-up during the day.

4. Mini fashion emergency kit

I keep teeezers, fashion tape, a mini sewing kit, allergy medicine, and clear nail polish in here in case I need anything. I’ve had those times where I had a tear in my tights or the hem of my skirt ripped out and I didn’t have any way of fixing it. I highly recommend that you put one together as well.

5. Makeup bag

This miniature bag holds the essentials and my everyday go-tos. I have multiple shades of lip gloss and lip stick that match any outfit, I have some extra eyeshadow and concealer in case I have plans after work and need to freshen up.

6. Additional makeup bag

This small bag holds more items that I may need throughout the day. I have an anti-friction block to prevent blisters, a hairbrush, roll on perfume, chapstick, triple antibiotic ointment, extra lip gloss, a toothbrush and paste, and a hair spiral.

7. iPad 

I used to not read e-books, but now I’ve grown to enjoy them. I still love holding actual books and feeling the binding of them, but e-books are great when there’s not much room in my tote, or to not carry around for the day. I also stream Netflix, play some games, doodle in Adobe Elements, and take notes.

8. Business cards

This one should be an obvious, but since I work in marketing, I absolutely carry several cards in my tote. I have some stashed in my crossbody and my car too just in case. I recommend having business cards with you at all times in case you meet someone at the grocery store, the mall, or a restaurant in between office hours.

9. Mints/Gum

Also an obvious one. I am always meeting new people and the last thing I want them to remember about me is bad breath. I always have a stash of gum and mints in my bag.

10. Portable speaker

I bought a Coda Pop from Amazon last year, and absolutely love it. It is handy whenever I need to play background music at an event, have something after hours. It was a great find.


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