10 Things to Do With Your Friends (Besides Dinner)

It’s a Friday night, and you and your girlfriend decide it’s time you got together and did something fun. But you don’t want to do the typical dinner date! If you’re struggling with brainstorming some additional options, here are a few to help get you started.

  1. Bookstore shopping. Browse the aisles, pick up books, hunt for unusual book titles, recommend your favorites. Take pictures of yourselves holding funny book covers.
  2. Bake together. There’s something about food that brings people together. Bake brownies, decorate cookies, and eat the dough.
  3. Give each other a makeover. Head to Sephora, or do it right from your home bathroom. 
  4. See an improv, or go to the escape room. This is definitely one of my favorite things to do with some of my girls. Lately, we got a group together and #WIN at the Escape Room.
  5. Have a sleepover. You’re never too old for sleepovers! Paint nails. Gossip. Watch chick flicks. Do all the girly things you did as a pre-teen. If you have kids, bring them!
  6. Take a class together. You can attend a cooking class, a painting class, a yoga class…the possibilities are endless.
  7. Take a day trip. Make plans to have no plans, and then make actual plans. (You know what I mean!)
  8. Clean your closets together. Invite your girls over and try on everything in your closet. Give your girls your old purses and fancy dresses. Make it fun! Make brownies and have wine, and exchange your items. Then, rotate to your other friend(s)’s house(s)!
  9. Binge your favorite Netflix series. Stranger Things. The Office. Parks and Recreation. Drop Dead Diva.

10. Window shopping. Want to get out, but don’t want to spend money? Go window shopping, and hold each other accountable to not actually go in the store. You’ll get your steps in for sure!

What about you? What do you like to do with your girlfriends? Leave a comment below!


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