Finding Your Why

Have you ever been told to "take a chill pill," or "put on a happy face" when you really don't feel like it? Our society has been taught to believe that dissatisfaction is a bad thing, that we are to ignore it, shove it down, go buy something new, and move on. But after some … Continue reading Finding Your Why


Praying for Your Future Husband

If you have a longing to be married, chances are you probably have some qualities you are looking for in a future husband. If you're like me, you've most likely been thinking about them for a while, maybe even you're whole life. I grew up in a home where my parents routinely prayed for my … Continue reading Praying for Your Future Husband

Holding Out For Prince Charming

You see the beautiful pictures on social media. You drive down the highway and see a billboard for an upcoming bridal show. You see the "Say Yes to The Dress" show and get excited when the bride-to-be gets her gorgeous new gown. You've been in countless weddings and even caught the bouquet that you desperately … Continue reading Holding Out For Prince Charming