10 Things I Loved About Being Homeschooled

I remember the day my parents told me they were taking me out of the public school system and placing me in a new school. Home. I remember thinking, as a second grader, this means pajama day everyday, sleeping in, field trips every Friday, and additional TV privileges. When I asked who my teacher would … Continue reading 10 Things I Loved About Being Homeschooled


How to Fight Writer’s Block

You have a great idea and you want to share it. Maybe you had a really good dream and decide it needs to be a book so others can enjoy it. So you pour yourself a cup of coffee and sit down to write. You start to get somewhere and then get stuck. You want … Continue reading How to Fight Writer’s Block

Read a Chapter of my book, “The Clone”

What if you woke up and realized that your whole life is a lie? What if you had memories that didn’t belong to you, but somehow you remember them as if they were yours? Jessica Harris is a normal, middle-age woman who lives in an ordinary neighborhood in the ordinary town of Lake Charles, Louisiana. … Continue reading Read a Chapter of my book, “The Clone”